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Project Completion
Project Title: WTFrill
Date Started: Last Year
Estimated Completion Date: Open Project
Completion Date: June 30 2011
Patterns: None
Inspirations: Tons of scrap fabrics
Final Notes: This was a scrap fabric project. I had accumulated an entire tote of nice scrap fabrics from last year's sweet lolita hype. Some of the fabrics were expensive and I did not have the heart to throw even the smallest piece away. So, I collected them and sewed them together. This is definitely an Unrefined piece, as there are raw edges. Nothing makes sense, it's ridiculously busy and layered and I enjoyed making it. Heh, And I still have half a tote of scraps!! *sigh* I guess I'll be making yet another one in the future...or a shirt...

I may do something else with it, but for now it's done. Onto the next project.

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Project Completion
Project Title: Hott Mess (Working Title)
Date Started: Uhh...Jan 15th
Estimated Completion Date: None, really. It was a secondary design I worked on during other projects.
Completion Date: Feb 3rd
Patterns: None
Inspirations: I'll post when the site is up again. :(
Final Notes: This was pretty fun to make. It was all about the ribbons/trim I purchased in Austin Tx from High Fashion Fabrics. I spent well over $100 dollars on the ribbons/trims. So pretty I had to make a disaster of a skirt!

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Project Reg - Feb MC - VK Jabberwocky

Project Registration
Project Title: Jabberwocky
Date Started: Feb 19th
Estimated Completion Date: Feb 28th would be nice... T_T Started late. Thanks Katsucon.
Patterns: None
Inspirations: I'm really liking these Yukari Ohbis. I'm pretty much just taking some concepts from each outfit.
Questions for Community: Won't you come join us for the meet up?

For this month's challenge we are doing Alice and Wonderland based outfits to wear to the new movie showing! I'm totally doing a VK interpretation of the Jabberwocky. Color theme is purple, teal and black!
Project Completion
Project Title: Pink Stars
Date Started: Dec 23th
Estimated Completion Date: Jan 30th
Completion Date: Jan 30th
Patterns:) None used in the end
Inspirations: Well, I was going to go with a horse theme, but after buying awesome shoes decorated with stars...I was completely converted~! So I went with stars!!! And then I found ginormously awesome glasses and hair!
Final Notes: I can't believe how excited I was working on this project; I've ALWAYS refused to work with pink. However, when I chanced upon an amazing pink fur coat that I had to buy it, regardless of color! Now I have an outfit to match!
Fairy Kei Project Registration page

Philly Cupcakes and GPKism 9
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Project Registration
Project Title: Horses R Us (a joke, a joke)
Date Started: Dec 23th
Estimated Completion Date: Jan 30th
Patterns: None that I am planning on using
Inspirations: Googled images of Fairy Kei, crazy Crude Things wigs and awesome trims I purchased while in GA!
Plans for Ensemble: This is a part of the monthly challenge in which we try to test our limits and work with fabrics/colors/styles we are not normally accustomed to. Personally, I have never, purposefully, gravitated towards pink. However, I've randomly picked up some pink fabrics/'objects' that I thought might be interesting to work with. I've already made one pink Fairy Kei skirt, but in unexpectedly purchasing news trims, I am planning on making a new completely deconstructed skirt...one that will make people cry to look at it. (Inspired by this amazing skirt.)

Project Update - December Monthly Challenge
Project Title: Blue Queen Anne
Date Started: Dec 07 2008
Estimated Completion Date: Mid January?...2010
Completion Percentage: 50%, need to make pannier, underskirt, headpiece.
Changes Made: Well...I'm working on a previously discarded dress. I tried to finish it for December, but did not have steel boning and had to skip ahead to my Fairy Kei.
WTHeck?: Okay, long story short; I started this dress on the sew loli community and completely dropped it because of my disgust for the design. Even though I decided to put it away, I still had it and the jumper kept haunting me. I decided to work with it, regardless of how I felt about it. Now I'm actually really excited since I've turned it into a rococo design! All I have left is the pannier, blue underskirt and headpiece!

Project Registration - Riding Habit

Project Title: Riding Habit
Date Started: Nov 11
Estimated Completion Date: Anime USA
Patterns: Truly Victorian Riding Habit Skirt and Burda 7880
Inspirations: a lifetime of equestrian-ism.
Questions for Community: none yet
Project Title: Gold Raven
Date Started: Oct 6th
Estimated Completion Date: Oct 26th
Completion Date: Oct 31st
Patterns: Get back to you
Inspirations: http://www.yukari-ohba.com/
Final Notes: This was a challenging piece, but it was so fun to make! I can't wait to make more VK pieces in the future!

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