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A community based on sewing Japanese related fashions

Sew JFashion
A community for sewing Japanese fashions

Welcome to Sew JFashion!
This community is where you can share what Japanese related fashions you're making by registering, updating, and finishing your JFashion sewing projects.


Please adhere to the rules:

1. Use the project registration, update, and completion forms when making a post.

2. No Lolita projects, please. If you want to sew lolita fashions, there is already an amazing sew_loli community for that. This community is for 'everything' else. If you are familiar with We Sew Loli, you will already be familiar with the type of set up.

3. Please place images under a cut. One image may be above the cut, but make sure it is 400 pixels or below.

4. Be kind when critiquing other's work; constructive criticism is always welcome but just being mean will get you banned.

5. NO DRAMA. Please, let's keep this a drama free zone. Take it elsewhere.

6. We welcome all non-lolita, Japanese based fashions here.

7. No advertising. If you are open for commission, a text link is allowed in Project Completion forms.

8. So, you've completed a project, posted your form and have worn it. We'd love to see your new pics of your creation with accessories and such, but please post the Follow Up Pics with a normal Reg, Updated or Completed post under a cut. So your post title could look something like, "Project Registration and 'project title' Follow-up Pics". This is not a community to post what you're wearing day to day or about your meet ups.

9. If you have a gallery of completed sewing projects that you would like to share with us, please place it under a cut. Only links out to your sewing work, or links out to your inspirations are acceptable on this community.

10. Tagging: Please tag appropriately.

Project Forms

Tell us what you plan to do with the Project Registration form. We love sketches!

Project Registration
Project Title:
Date Started:
Estimated Completion Date:
Patterns: (if you use any patterns for your project)
Inspirations: (if any)
Questions for Community:


Something change while you were sewing? Discover something awesome or got stuck? Keep us in the loop!

Project Update
Project Title:
Date Started:
Estimated Completion Date:
Completion Percentage:
Changes Made:
Questions for Community:


Aaaah, the satisfaction of completing a project. Post pictures! The better the pictures, the more justice your hard worked piece will have.

Project Completion
Project Title:
Date Started:
Estimated Completion Date:
Completion Date:
Patterns: (if you use any patterns for your project)
Inspirations: (if any)
Final Notes:


Monthly Challenges

Monthly challenges are pre-decided sewing themes that are optional to join. We started doing monthly challenges to help us expand our sewing repertoire, and give us an excuse to work on projects we've always wanted to try, but never had the chance. The monthly challenges are the only exception to the number 6 rule. There may be one or two months in which the challenge will not be JFashion based, but those who are participating can post their project on this community. (Obviously, it would need to be posted during that month. )
October 2009 Visual Kei
November 2009 Steampunk
December 2009 Free Sewing Month
(Complete those unfinished projects before the new year begins!)
January 2010 Fairy Kei
February 2010 Alice and Wonderland
(Make your Alice in Wonderland inspired outfit for the March showing of the movie!)
March 2010 Alternative Kimono
(Kimonos to be worn at the Sakura Festival)
April 2010 Free Sewing Month
May 2010 Cosplay Month
June 2010 Boy Style
(Create your version of boy style for any Japanese sub-fashion you want; Lolita, Decora, Fairy Kei, etc)
July 2010 Aristocrat
(It doesn't have to be strictly EGA)
August 2010 Free Sewing Month
September 2010 Military Lolita

Future Monthly Challenges:
Country Lolita
Gothic (Doesn't have to be lolita, just Japanese inspired)
Game Lolita (Be your favorite hunted animal!)


You can ask general community questions and offer suggestions in the [mod post]. Things like "Hey! Can I get a tag?" and "Oh I think it'd be great if..." type questions will be addressed there.

That's it! Happy sewing and crafting!